Stay ahead this Winter

Winter is coming….
Actually you know what, yesterday Winter was already here.
Toowoomba doesn’t seem to want to make up its mind with the weather lately. One day freezing the next warm sunshine.

Probably 50% less people at the gym. 
50% of these other people, snoozed, still in bed, gave up to mediocrity.
Judgemental you might say.

But let me tell you this, 
In life people don’t care about why you didn’t get there,
why you didn’t get the results you said you were going to get,
they don’t want to know about the excuses you have.

You know what they wanna know?
They wanna hear about …

How you overcame your obstacles and got the body, how you got the job, how you created success.
People love happy endings. They hate excuses because everyone has them.
People hear excuses every single day. Success stories… well, that’s a rarity!

Right now as we enter the colder seasons,
I don’t want you to drop off the bandwagon.
I want you to step it up a notch, get yourself pumped.

Be more consistent
Be brilliant.

Because when summer comes and you hit the beaches you can be proud of your achievements.

When people ask you how you got your body,
You can inspire them.
I know you have it in you. Consistency is key.

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