Sore Muscle Relief

The day after a brutal workout, exercising more might be the last thing you want to do—but here’s why you should:

Light activity can help ease soreness just as well as a massage.  I usually try to go for 30 minute brisk walk to loosen up super tight legs after an epic leg day.

Of course, moving your muscles isn’t the only way to keep them pain-free. Try these other ways to ease aches:

Foam rollers Similar to massage, foam rollers increase blood flow to your muscles through applied pressure, be prepared for a little discomfort once you get right into those tight muscles, but stick with it, it all helps.
Stretching—after a warm up never stretch cold muscles, ensure you warm up your body prior to stretching, remember your muscles are like a rubber band, a cold rubber band will snap under pressure, you don’t want to be doing more damage than good.

Heat therapy Warm temps can increase blood flow to sore muscles big time, Soak in a hot bath with some Epson salts for 40 minutes, grab a book and take some time out.

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