Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training Toowoomba


Set up will be a circuit type training that, although in a larger group allows participants the opportunity to push themselves in accordance with their personal fitness levels.  Regardless if you are a first time boot-camper or if you have years of boot camp under your belt.

Outdoor training in groups (also known as bootcamps) is run over 45 minutes and incorporates high intensity (HIT) strength based training utilizing the use of kettle-bells, battle ropes, slam balls, tyres and body weight training to maximize fat blasting and muscle toning while also greatly improving cardiovascular endurance and energy levels.

I recommend Boot Camp if you are after maximal muscle tone and fat blasting benefits while working in a team environment.

If you’re new, first week is always free. 

Outdoor group training sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday morning 5.45am and Saturday 7am:-

Our location for Bootcamp is at the premises of Team Ngapuhi – 88 Water Street, Toowoomba

* During Winter we are indoors, once spring hits we like to head outside and use the natural surrounding.