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High NRG Bootcamp

Toowoomba’s Most Social Bootcamp

Bootcamp fitness is one of the most effective ways to lose serious kg’s in minimal time.
At NRG Bootcamp we consistently get results for our members through variety of training methods and the variety of equipment we train with.

Expect to workout with the following:

  • Kettlebells
  • TRX Suspension Straps
  • Slam and Medicine Balls
  • Tyres and Ropes

Our Monday afternoon Bootcamp is boxing for fitness, there is no need to have a partner, if we are a person short you get to partner up with the instructor for the session.

Our sessions are set to be challenging but most importantly fun, functional and effective to ensure all aspects of your health and fitness is covered.

If you are new to Bootcamp we offer a one week free trial to come and see what we are all about and join in on the High NRG Energy vibes.

See the link below for your first free week at Bootcamp.

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Why put off feeling better about yourself any longer?

Are you answering YES to any of the below questions? NRG Bootcamp could be the solution for you:

  • Do you want to lose body fat?
  • Would you love to have more energy every day?
  • Are you intimidated by big chain gyms?
  • Would you like a more toned, stronger, fitter you?
  • Are you finding it tough to get motivated by yourself?
  • Do you want to train in a fun friendly social environment?

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