Mobile Personal Training

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Mobile Personal Training

Look and feel amazing – without joining a gym

Typically, those wanting to exercise and to benefit from the expert services of a personal trainer had to join a gym. Many people do not have the time or money to join a gym and travel there regularly. Others simply do not enjoy or feel comfortable in the typical gym environment. HighNRG Direct offers an innovative and incredibly convenient service: mobile personal trainers who come to you.

  • No expensive gym membership fees.
  • No need to lose time fighting through traffic congestion.
  • No more feeling self-conscious in an image-focused gym.
  • No more waiting for equipment when the gym is uncomfortably busy.

With our service you stand to benefit in so many ways…

  • Without travelling, you will add precious time to your day.
  • All necessary gym equipment is delivered to your door.
  • Our mobile service means you will find time for exercise sessions.
  • Enjoy an intensive training program in the comfort of your own home or any other convenient location.

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Frequently Questions About Mobile Personal Training

How much space will you need for our session?

Very little, we are prepared to deliver awesome session even in limited work areas. A lounge, backyard, deck or shed will provide more than enough space.

Do you supple the exercise equipment?

Yes, we will supply all the equipment for each session, however, if you happen to have some gym equipment it may be incorporated into your program.

Can a friend or partner join me?

Yes, if you would like to work out with a partner or friend that is totally ok, more the merry, the cost will be altered accordingly.

What if I’ve still got some questions?

Just contact High NRG’s owner and head trainer Suze, on 0458 120 933 or [email protected] and she will be able to help.