Toowoomba Boot Camp

Boot Camps Toowoomba

Training that gets you the results you want

Its time you felt Fit, Strong, Lean, and confident in your body instead of feeling insecure, flabby, and afraid to catch your own reflection!

It’s time you got inspired, motivated and off the couch and get those results you have been searching for!

Special Offer $7 – Two Weeks access to Boot Camp

Why Choose Boot Camps?

  • Get fit
  • Melt the fat
  • Increased Energy
  • Higher Metabolism
  • Strong, healthier, better, every single day

If you are ready to feel, confident, amazing, energetic and sexy, High NRG Personal Training Boot Camp is what you have been searching for.

Using fun and energetic trainers (not army drill sergeants), we help empower you to achieve actual results that are here to stay!

What we are about: Getting realistic achievable results while educating, motivating and inspiring you to be the very best version of you. Its about creating a bond with each and every client, helping ensure that you know we are on your team.

What were are not about: quick fixes, pushing you to until vomit point, yelling and screaming at you.


Training With HighNRG

We understand how you feel and the challenges you face and WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Our passion is to help people attain their health and fitness goals through motivation and education. Training becomes a lot more effective when combined with nutrition and lifestyle changes which we support our clients with.  To us, exercising is about fun and helping clients reach their personal goals.

If you are ready to change, HighNRG is waiting to meet you, we offer a 110% Service Guarantee to our clients, that means we will work extra hard to get you the results you need.

To get you started, take advantage of our two weeks $7 access to bootcamp.


What Our Clients Say

Before starting boot camp my body had aches and pain in my muscles and joints. In the mornings I would struggle to get moving, I was stiff, my legs and feet were painful when I walked.

With the motivation and positive attitude from Suze at bootcamp, I now have more energy, my aches and pains have practically disappeared and I bounce out of bed. My fitness level and stamina have increased immensely. I am addicted to the great feeling I have after an awesome workout with Suze.


I don’t write a lot of reviews but I found I just had to for Suze and High NRG PT. Suze always knows what buttons to push to get that little bit more out of you. With her confident strong and knowledgeable approach to training and her ability to shake things up to keep you on your toes your short and long term fitness goals can regularly be ticked off. I can’t say enough how much I love our sessions Suze and I thank you every time a muscle hurts….just a little.



I can look forward to a friendly, superlative and creative session every single time. Suze has provided more help than I even knew I needed. Completely dedicated to my goals without ever being patronizing. This is a fantastic experience on an incredible journey of happiness and health. Recommended to anyone looking for inspiration and a healthier, happier body and mindset.



Reasons to Consider Bootcamps

  • Enhance your strength, fitness and energy levels
  • Fire up your metabolism and therefore burn more fat at rest
  • Achieve a desired weight
  • Tone and tighten your body
  • Gain confidence in your body and yourself
  • Reach your full fitness potential
  • Accurate techniques and education to maximise your results and prevent any possible injuries

Boot Camp Toowoomba? What Are They?

High NRG offers bootcamps in Toowoomba outdoors and in the elements, which provide a much more rewarding workout. They consist of 45 minutes of training that mix weight training using your own body weight and equipment. The bootcamp in Toowoomba is designed to help anyone of any age and fitness level to take the extra step towards getting his or her fitness and training to the next level. You will train with others in a fun, friendly and supportive group environment. By having fun with your fitness routine, you will be able to reach your goals much faster, and have motivation to remain consistent in your routine. It may be called boot camp in Toowoomba; however, it is not what you would expect. No one yells at you; instead, the trainers motivate you and provide support in your fitness goals.

HighNRG Personal Training and Bootcamps

For over three years, High NRG Personal Training has helped people become stronger, healthier and better. They are Toowoomba’s number 1 expert, providing positive energy and positive results. Their bootcamp classes are 100 per cent guaranteed to help you get healthy and lose weight. The trainers conduct the classes with positive motivation to facilitate personal success and conduct themselves with the highest level of professionalism. They enjoy helping others achieve their fitness goals and are specialists in helping you to increase the amount of fat you burn in less workout time. In addition to their fitness classes, they also provide personal one-on-one training. Their exercise programs are suitable for all fitness levels. You can enjoy exercising outdoors, or join in personal training at Breathe Health Club.