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What Our Clients Say

  • I don’t write a lot of reviews but I found I just had to for Suze and High NRG PT. Suze always knows what buttons to push to get that little bit more out of you. With her confident strong and knowledgeable approach to training and her ability to shake things up to keep you on your toes your short and long term fitness goals can regularly be ticked off. I can’t say enough how much I love our sessions Suze and I thank you every time a muscle hurts….just a little.

    Nic O
  • I have always gone to Suze when I needed personal training. She is a great motivator that pushes you to your full potential. Suze mixes up your sessions and provides great workouts that are within your fitness range. She gives great encouragement and supports you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle. While Training with Suze, I have gained more confidence within myself and have improved in my fitness and have lost weight. Suze has given me great nutritional advice where I now eat clean and make fresh smoothies and juices.

    Carissa K
  • Before starting boot camp my body had aches and paid in my muscles and joints. In the mornings I would struggle to get moving, I was stiff, my legs and feet were painful when I walked.

    With the motivation and positive attitude from Suze at bootcamp, I now have more energy, my aches and pains have practically disappeared and I bounce out of bed. My fitness level and stamina have increased immensely. I am addicted to the great feeling I have after an awesome workout with Suze.

    Jodie P
  • I now realize that I can do things that I never thought were possible I can get off my butt and go to my PT. I can be a little uncoordinated “gumby” but no one cares. Exercise can be fun. If I just remove the “t” from the can’t it becomes CAN. I’m having fun, I’m fitter, smaller and stronger. I can now run 1-2 km without stopping, I feel like I want to Exercise. My Perception of exercise has changed. I go to work and run up the 2 flights of stairs and still be able to have a conversation at the top. With the hard work a better diet and with Suze motivation and pushing me in PT sessions I am making the changes in my life that I need.

    Fiona B
  • I have been training with Suze for approximately 18 months and during this time I have lost 14kgs and increased my fitness dramatically.

    Suze is a fantastic motivator and during my PT sessions she has always pushed me above and beyond what I thought I was capable of, I have also come to love attending her boot camp sessions as they help with the added motivation of working out with like-minded people and there is always something new to learn and challenge yourself with. Since starting these sessions I have also been able to encourage my partner to attend the sessions with me and he now enjoys them as much as I do.

    Leeanne E
  • Suze is a great personal trainer to work with. She is very professional, a great motivator and will push you to really help you find your potential. Without Suze’s expertise, I wouldn’t have been able to lose my excess weight.

    Amanda W
  • I can look forward to a friendly, superlative and creative session every single time. Suze has provided more help than I even knew I needed. Completely dedicated to my goals without ever being patronizing. This is a fantastic experience on an incredible journey of happiness and health. Recommended to anyone looking for inspiration and a healthier, happier body and mindset.

    Teliha G
  • I can’t speak highly enough of Suze! I was a short term client for the Christmas holiday period and I found her so accommodating – fitting me in among all her regular long-term clients, helping me find a great gym and of course, working off all my Christmas beer and ham! I would love to pick up where we left off when I’m next in town (only maybe then I can surprise her by doing an actual real push up!). Recommend her to anyone in Toowoomba!

    Theresa G
  • Due to work commitments it is difficult for me to have a regular time slot however Suze has always been very accommodating to meet my needs.

    I went for a 4km run the other day (hadn’t run for about 5 months) and it was easy, I contribute this to my weekly training with Suze that I commenced early this year. I was pleasantly surprised by how my fitness is being maintained and improved.

    Aleisha B
  • High NRG offers lots of variety and a fun atmosphere. Suze does a great job of motivating me to achieve my goals.

    Megan S

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Toowoomba Bootcamp | Start With 1 Week Free Bootcamp Trial